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Hilarious Entertainment For Your Wedding!

Weddings are momentous occasions that often draw in huge crowds of family from all corners of the country, or even the world. They’re also some of the stuffiest ceremonies around, all formality and seriousness despite all the reasons to rejoice. This is a main reason why couples looking to make the big commitment might be looking for some alternative wedding entertainment, something more than the typical song and dance fare. Cheap wedding entertainment like this is often forgettable, especially for those people who have seen it all before at too many weddings to count. Getting the crowd involved and entertaining large audiences are two specialties of James BuSTAR, the Australian comedy juggler.

"Alternative Wedding Entertainment"

Let’s face it folks – once the garter goes flying, wedding receptions can become fairly boring affairs for the guys sitting there. The same old games get pretty lame for ladies, too. Having someone like James BuSTAR around to provide different wedding entertainment than guests are accustomed to seeing is a great way to make your wedding stand out in their minds. If there’s anything better than seeing an amazing act like his, it’s becoming a part of it yourself! While audience members are unlikely to be tossing axes back and forth with James, BuSTAR does get viewers involved like few other performers.


Inject some energy into a serious and solemn wedding event with the kind of entertainment for a wedding which only James BuSTAR can provide. There isn’t another comedy and juggling show like this!