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Unique Entertainment For Weddings

Unique entertainment for weddings is harder and harder to find as people come up with increasingly outlandish ways to commemorate the joining together of two people. His act has been labeled as one of the most dynamic and adaptable in the industry, and James BuSTAR is willing and ready to go beyond the scope of his normal routine if it means providing unusual entertainment for weddings or other events. This means getting onlookers on their feet and involved with the show, tossing balls, spinning hoops or otherwise becoming a part of the performance.


With major corporate clients like McDonald’s, BMW, MasterFoods and others, it is easy to see that James BuSTAR knows a thing or two about enhancing an atmosphere and getting a crowd going.


This is great news for those seeking unusual wedding entertainment that will get people talking and keep them talking for a while. Rather than going with the usual wedding band entertainment and maybe even wedding dancers entertainment, trying something new could be the key to making your own wedding an even more memorable occasion. With highly stylized and unique services like those provided by James BuSTAR, there’s no need to hire a wedding entertainment agency, or stress about whom to call for your upcoming event.


BuSTAR’s act ranges from mild-mannered juggling to something bizarre, to outright dangerous when those hatchets come out and start twirling in the air. Sure enough, many jugglers are skilled with a set of tennis balls – but how many of them can incorporate the racquet in their act as well?

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